I'm Karla Marie

I began my passion for making natural holistic products while determined to naturally arise from stress and anxiety.

I immersed into self healing, awakening and uplifting my mind, body, soul & spirit. 

After researching and experimenting with organic essential oils, herbs, flowers and homemade remedies, daily I practice self love and care, maintaining my balance and harmony.

Whilst in a cenote in Mexico, I was overwhelmed with heightened vibrant emotions. Surrounded by crystals on the cave walls, I felt their amplifying healing energy and it enhanced my love and connection to crystals.

I collected, researched and further activated my crystals,

the effects were cosmologically powerful!

The fusion of the natural elements and crystals amazingly impacted my way of being.

Everyone was happily surprised in my vibrational self loving shift and I created holistic products for them too!

Each person loves the results and enthusiastically encourages me to share my lifestyle

gifts with you.